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Keith L. Douglass, SAMS® AMS®
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SAMS Annual Meeting 2016
Keith and Diane attended the Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors (SAMS®) National Meeting and Educational Conference in Newport, Rhode Island in October. Diane, the newest female member of SAMS, along with Keith received continuing education credits members are required to obtain to enable surveyors to increase their knowledge base and remain current with the many changes taking place in construction methods and equipment in the marine industry.

The diverse topics featured were presented by well-known and regarded industry leaders and included carbon fiber construction and failure analysis, forensic and engineering laboratory analysis of an engine failure, outboard motor preservation following saltwater submersion, keel construction, electrical systems issues, properly conducting sea trials, conduction hull and machinery inspections, chain plate and rigging inspections and sail development technology. A presentation also described the latest updates regarding the new standard changes under consideration by the American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC).

Prior to the Annual Meeting and Educational Conference, Keith and Diane along with several dozen other SAMS surveyors from across the country spent the day touring the International Yacht Restoration School (IYRS) on Newport's waterfront. The non-profit institution provides world-class experiential education preparing students of various ages and marine backgrounds to enter the global marine manufacturing and repair workforce. The tour included an up close look at the covered pier on campus where the 131 ft. wood schooner yacht "Coronet" is being restored.
Diane P. Douglass, newest female Surveyor Associate, is pictured with SAMS® Florida Regional Director Gary Frankovich, AMS® at the Conference. Gary would later be named SAMS® Membership Vice President at the closing annual meeting.

NOTE: Diane went on to become an Accredited Marine Surveyor in 2018.
Marine Surveys by Douglass Marine Co., Keith L. Douglass, SAMS® AMS®, Islamorada, Florida, USA

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